Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 8 - Pontevedra

Unfortunately, the cafe downstairs from my apartment is closed on Sundays and they completely shut down their wifi... so Sunday posts will have to wait for Mondays!

Yesterday I took a trip to Pontevedra, a small city near the western coast of Galicia. It is technically on the coast of a "ría" or an estuary and not directly on the ocean. See the map for location. It was beautiful there... and about 10 degrees warmer than in Santiago. I had thought that because it was along the coast it might be even cooler than in Santiago, but I did not actually need my jacket there which was nice.

Follow the shells to stay on the
Camino de Santiago
I took a train ride (about an hour) with Alina, one of the girls from my Galego language class. It was a Sunday, and as is typical in many parts of Spain, few places were open. We were able to go to the Museo Pontevedra for a bit and we walked around and saw an old bridge that was part of the Camino de Santiago (the Portuguese route I believe!). Part of the museum was a site which included the ruins of Igreza San Domingos (St. Domingo Church).

Igreza San Domingos
We also stopped at a small restaurant and had Pulpo (octopus) sauteed in garlic with paprika, and Pimientos (peppers) de Padrón which are sauteed in lots of oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Since this particular restaurant carried Pepsi products I had a Kas Naranja instead of Fanta, but still just as good, and better than in the US... I don't know why, but they just make it differently. It reminds me more of Polar Orange than any other orange soda.

Pimientos de Padrón (left)
Pulpo ajillado (right)
Anyway, for this particular entry I am just going to include a variety of photos so that you can see what Pontevedra looked like this past Sunday.

Rockin it with Ramón de Valle Inclán

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