Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 28 - The End

Technically I was not in Galicia for 28 days. That was the original plan. I was going to leave this morning to come to Madrid and meet Shawn. But there wasn't a train that would get me here on time, so I left last night at 10pm. So really it's only 27 Days in Galicia... but that just doesn't have the same ring to it!

As I have mentioned before and as you have probably gathered from my posts, I had a wonderful time in Galicia and would love to go back again. The goodbyes weren't easy, but we all know that we have to move forward and sometimes that means leaving things behind, sometimes even new friends. Luckily with 21st century technology it's easier to stay in touch.

A few more thank you's before I end this. Thanks to Jose del Valle who suggested that I apply for this program and who wrote me a wonderful recommendation letter that helped earn me a grant to attend. And thanks to Cheche who suggested that I could stay in one of the studio apartments that his family owns in Santiago. And thanks to his parents for being such wonderful hosts, I couldn't have asked for a better home away from home situation. And of course thanks to all of you who humored me and read this blog at least once in awhile! I know it wasn't always posted on time, but I did my best given my internet situation. It was nice knowing that people might be reading and it gave me an incentive to keep writing.

Hopefully you all learned something about Galicia and Galego culture, I know I certainly did!

Thanks! Gracias! Grazas!

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