Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 10 - Engurras

Taken from IMDB:

Wrinkles portrays the friendship between Emilio and Miguel, two aged gentlemen shut away in a care home. Recent arrival Emilio, in the early stages of Alzheimer, is helped by Miguel and colleagues to avoid ending up on the feared top floor of the care home, also known as the lost causes or "assisted" floor. Their wild plan infuses their otherwise tedious day-to-day with humor and tenderness, because although for some their lives are coming to an end, for them it is just a new beginning.

Engurras is the Galego word for wrinkles, arrugas in Spanish. This was the movie that we watched today during the mid-day session of my program. It is a pretty new release (Spanish release, January, 2012) so don't be hard on yourself if you haven't heard of it! It is an annimated film but it is definitely made for adults. It's not that it's violent, but the relationships portrayed in the film are adult and it deals with the themes of old age and even death.

I think it has to be one of the better films I have seen in a long time. The characters are so likeable and you sympathize with all of them. One of my favorite relationships in the film has to be the one between the elderly couple that is in the residence together. You know that they love each other and have for a very long time. It's a beautiful relationship without being cheesy at all.

The trailer is is Spanish with English subtitles, although we watched the film in Galego, which I believe is the original language of the film, although it was translated for general audiences. I am curious about the moments they choose to portray in the trailer, but when this comes out you have to go and see it. Or rent it. Or buy it. Which is what I plan on doing as soon as possible.


  1. It was nominated for an oscar! I totally heard about this one!!

  2. Hey! If you're going to post anonymously, just put your name in the comment so I know who it is :) I just bought it today, but I don't think it has subtitles... we'll have to wait for it's US release!