Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 2 - nightlife

Okay, so many of you may read that title and say, "what is this going to be about? Rebecca doesn't do nightlife, does she?" and you would be right. I really don't. I don't tend to stay up late and I generally don't stay out past midnight (who knows, maybe I would turn into a pumpkin!). Last night was no exception. I was pretty wiped out from my trip and, even with the time change, was trying to get a good night's sleep. The people in the bar downstairs last night however, did not want me to sleep.

My window is on the left, over the bar door!
Yes, that's right. I live over a bar. Directly. There is a picture of this I will try to get up soon, but for now you have to just believe me. Now I am hoping this was extra loud because of last night's win by Spain in the Euro Cup, but we'll see after tonight. I may have to invest in some earplugs! It was about 2:30 when I finally fell asleep... Or at least that was the last time on the clock that I saw. I actually had to use the alarm I had set for 9. That is very rare. I may not get up super early, but generally around 7:30 or 8 without an alarm.

I feel that this entry is more of a "stay tuned" type of entry since I don't yet know if this is a regular thing or not, but here's hoping that it's not...

Galego (galician) word of the day: Sleep - Durmir

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